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Gator Board Poster with Stands

Gator Board is a durable board that resists dents and punctures. The exceptionally hard and smooth surface is uniform and blemish free. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor signs. Gator Board prints are great for when you need more stability than the standard Foam Board. They are available in 3/16" (the same thickness as standard foam board), and 1/2" thick. Gator Board print is great for presentations that will be handled often, meetings, trade show exhibitors, or for documents that need the extra strength to hold up against unforeseen conditions.


• The choice for mounting exhibits and signs where light weight, rigidity and warp resistance are a must.
• Strongest foam board print available.
• Dense polystyrene foam core has solid wood-fiber veneer for added strength.
• Production time: 1 business day or same day depending on availability in stock.


Any custom size is available in white and black colors. Full color high resolution prints.
You can save 15% or more when you order more than one (1) piece.

3/16 - 18’’x24’’ = $30 or laminated = $36.75 (Add $15 for 1/2 thick board)
3/16 - 24’’x30’’ = $50 or laminated = $61.25 (Add $25 for 1/2 thick board)
3/16 - 24’’x36’’ = $60 or laminated = $73.50 (Add $30 for 1/2 thick board)
3/16 - 36’’x48’’ = $114 or laminated = $138.00 (Add $62 for 1/2 thick board)
3/16 - 48’’x72’’ = $228 or laminated = $276.00 (Add $120 for 1/2 thick board)
3/16 - 48’’x96’’ = $304 or laminated = $368.00 (Add $160 for 1/2 thick board)
Gator Board Printing
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